Tiktok may be banned in the United States due to alleged security issues but that isn’t stopping a young demographic from using it during Covid-19 quarantine. It has saved many households by offering a way for teenagers to occupy themselves during the summer. Many businesses have recently asked me, “Should we continue with our Tiktok strategy?” My answer is yes if you have the engagement and time to do it correctly. The secret to Tiktok is not in just creating videos. It is in creating original content, with your sound, which gives the audience a peek into a fast-paced 15 second comedy sitcom, entertains, teaches a skill, or educates in a new way. With the right strategy, anyone could catapult to thousands of followers.

The sound is everything! Creating your sound is important to prevent copyright infringement if you choose to download and use the content on other platforms. Also, the sound of your Tiktok can disappear if you use unauthorized music. The real winners of Tiktok will create comedy skits that others can use. The comedy content is relatable in other platforms, unlike the dancing moves. Also, it is easy to share the comedy sound so others can use the sound on their Tiktoks with furthers your brand. I recently saw a comedy video by @itscaitlenhello which featured her doing an ad for a frozen food entree which highlighted the food in its best way- it looked so appetizing she went against her original judgment and wanted a bite. It was brilliant and captured my attention for more time than any ad on television. For an app that is seemingly centered around music, Tiktok is more about original, shareable content.

@itscaitlenhello Tiktok Video

Additionally the Tiktok app is offering an ads manager product. With a similar interface to Facebook ads manager, I can easily target my local market. I recently created products for this young demo on an e-commerce platform and believe I can fully leverage the ads on Tiktok to bring awareness to my product. There are even Tiktoks of young girls showing all of the items they bought on Tiktok. It has become almost a status symbol to buy from other creators and support the community.

Community is very important on this app so having a great strategy is vital. The hypergrowth of Tiktok can’t be denied. Some have gone to millions of followers within months simply by bringing their followers from other accounts and creating great content. With the hope for the same success, some really want to grow fast at any cost and create content just to get the followers. I have witnessed dentists making fun of random strangers in their Tiktoks, physicians giving medical advice without a full understanding of the topic but want to be first to comment on it and business owners broadcasting negativity from their business. There is a difference between being authentic and hurting others. It takes a level of thoughtfulness to decide the strategy which best tells your brand story. Being shocking for the interest of being shocking does cultivate interest, but isn’t a great long term strategy and can easily be publicly humiliating. In the end, your reputation includes social media whether you want it or not.

Branding is your reputation in the world. Tiktok used wisely can help you on your way to your goals if you have a careful plan to get there. Any platform can disappear at a moment’s notice, but the fear of that should never be out shined by the possibility of huge reach. As someone who is always trying to work on my brand, I would love for you to follow me @drdurgam

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