Tech Thursdays Podcast, hosted by Chithra Durgam, is based on the conversations that go on at Clubhouse. It happens every Thursday of the week and they talk about almost anything and everything in the technological space. Tune in and discover with them what's trending, what works, what doesn't work, what's new and more as they interview different people who are experts in their respective fields. Have a question or want to connect? Text me 201-822-9233

Episode 1 - Leading with Heart

Chithra and Soumeya talk with their very first guest, Claude Silver. She is the Chief Heart Officer at VaynerX and their interview centers on incorporating "heart" into business culture.

Episode 2 - Audioburst

In this conversation, Chithra Durgam, Soumeya Benghanem, Bret Kinsella of Voicebot AI and Amir Hirsh of Audioburst discuss the first AI audio based search platform. If you are a fan of podcasts or an audio creator, you must tune in. We discuss the importance of audio, segmenting audio based on AI and ways for audio creators to achieve more visibility to their work. As we see the increasing amount of voice adoption with voice assistants, in IOT gadgets and in cars, the importance of quality content at your fingertips will be more expected. The future is voice!