With the upcoming Voice of Healthcare Summit August 5, 2020, it is critical to start outlining the needs of healthcare professionals during Covid-19. Dental hygienists and dental assistants have not returned to work in record numbers due to increase in unemployment benefits and lack of childcare. Many in the healthcare field have been furloughed due to rising medical costs due to Covid-19. The importance of technology is more important than ever to replace additional help.

Some ways we can incorporate technology in healthcare:

  • Use text check-in in for appointments. Patients wait in their cars texting the office when they arrive. Then are asked to come in once their room is ready. We have incorporated this in our office and many remark on the efficiency.
  • Kiosks for hand sanitizer and temperature reading. At times these costs can be expensive but many are also paying someone just to manage these tasks. The costs savings are enormous.
  • Continue to use digital forms for consent forms, registration and text to pay. This reduces confusion by the patient in terms of treatment being conducted and prevents last minute cancellations
  • Inventory management completed electronically in combination with voice skills to include expiration dates and easy ordering.
  • Brand voice skills to give patients pertinent information about their treatment options, FAQs and allow the user to interact with their health professional outside of the office.

The more healthcare professionals focus on patient care and less on HR management, the better treatment they can offer to patients.

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