“We Spend our Time Monetizing Content for other brands for platforms we don’t own, I want to Change That”

Why Are Voice Skills Important Now?

1) Cataloging content prior to upload requires significant lead time (500-1000 unique questions);
2) Amazon Alexa is already enabled in cars/dishwashers/through mobile apps; and
3) Being an early adopter will increase discoverability and monetization before the space
inevitably gets more crowded later.

As a keynote speaker and creator of the Dr. Durgam Experience voice skill, I show large businesses and celebrities the techniques to brand themselves using voice skills on Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices. As with my own brand, I believe that creating an in-house branding team for your voice skill is the fastest and most efficient way to repurpose content. With clients including musicians, actors, politicians, doctors, and authors, I guide them to fully optimize their voice skill towards their individual goals.

About Dr. Chithra Durgam

Did you like going to the dentist as a child, or even now as an adult?


Meet the dentist, mother, and business owner who has been featured in the #1 NY Times Bestseller book by Gary Vaynerchuk, “Crushing It” for her innovative use of social media to bring more patients to her dental practice and making it fun to go to the dentist. Dr. Durgam is also featured in the book, “Voice of Healthcare” by Matt Cybulsky

Her innovative approach to using social media and specifically video to tell stories about the various procedures are what attracts even the youngest child to want to meet this dynamic lady who is also a keen advocate for women, especially in the workplace. Chithra has used extensive social media to grow her dental practice which honed her skills in creating multimodal voice skills (using audio, photos and videos content) for celebrities and large businesses.


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Dr. Chithra Durgam

Dr. Durgam graduated from Northwestern University School of Dentistry in Chicago, IL. She is featured in Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, Crushing It: How Great Entrepreneurs and Influencers Use Social Media- And How You Can, Too. She has been featured in 201 Magazine and Good Day New York, Fox 5 News NY.

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Voice of Healthcare

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  • Good Day New York Fox 5 NYC- June 2020
  • Keynote Speaker at Harvard Medical School- Voice of Healthcare Summit August 2020
  • Speaker at Icons of Dentistry by Ultradent Products- July 2020
  • Voice of Branding- July 2020
  • Women|Future Conference November 2020
  • Speaker at Project Voice- Personal Branding and Voice Skills, Chattanooga, TN,  January 2020
  • Volunteer for Team Smile to provide dental care for underserved youth at MetLife Stadium in Coordination with the NY Giants, May 2019
  • YouTube channel “Chit-Chat” with Dr. Durgam
  • Honoree at Eido Swimwear Wonder Woman Initiative Presentation, February 2019
  • Appearing in the national Comcast commercial The Pitch, July 2018
  • Icons of Dentistry” Speaker at Ultradent, June 2018- She spoke as a social media expert
  • Speaker “Our Journey to Business Success”, May 2018
  • Featured on Benco’s Incisal Edge Magazine, “Why are Kids Begging Their Parents to be seen be Dr. Durgam
  • Featured in March 2018, 201 Magazine Best of Bergen Issue
  • Appeared on Good Day New York Fox 5 NY discussing the importance of flossing disputing an AP study that flossing regularly may not be necessary
  • Guest on Social Chatter: Social Media News and Tools
  • Guest on Dr. Mudgil’s podcast Sept 2018
  • Featured in Women’s Dental Entrepreneur Magazine, Fall 2018
  • Featured in Women’s Dental Entrepreneur Magazine, May 2019
  • Women’s Dentist Journal book review “You: The Smart Patient” by Dr. Mehmet Oz
  • She has a double degree in History and Biology from Washington University in St. Louis with a Dental Degree from Northwestern University Dental School. She gave her dental school commencement speech next to then Surgeon General, Dr. David Satcher
  • Member of the Board of Trustees with Bergen CASA
  • Member of the Board of Trustees for the Hudson Dental Society.
  • With over 15 years of business experience, she can provide guidance with managing and marketing a business to be competitive in the 21st century
  • Volunteers with the Snoop Special Stars league started by Snoop Dogg to provide custom mouthguards for specials needs athletes.

Dr. Chithra Durgam


I've gotten to know Dr. Durgam well and she's been part of our events over the course of 2020. She's an excellent speaker and inspiring entrepreneur who is generous to others with both her time and her expertise. I recommend getting to know her and if there's intersection with events you're producing or are part of, get her involved.

- Bradley Metrock

Dr. Chithra Durgam is a rare soul--one of those speakers who puts in the work to tailor her message to the audience. She is willing to help and mentor however possible and is a great collaborator on projects outside of the lecture hall. Unfailingly creative, witty, thoughtful, and kind, Dr. Durgam is an example of why working with an introverted speaker can pay dividends above working with a spotlight seeker. Her following on social media is packed with "the rich and famous" and entrepreneur/mogul/author Gary Vaynerchuk even mentioned her in his book "Crushing It." Dr. Durgam is a wealth of knowledge on how to use social media to build a personal brand and offers practical advice for how the audience can start their own journeys. I can't recommend Dr. Durgam highly enough--as a speaker or a person.

- Melanie Jones

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